recycled plastic lumber

Lumbering Up On Your Recycling Drive

recycled plastic lumber

This is no longer a business proposal. It is no longer a polite suggestion. This online piece using recycled plastic lumber as one of several known examples is doing its part to help save the environment from one heck of a total collapse. This is an insistence to reduce, recycle, re-use and replenish wherever and whenever possible. Before it is just too late. Before the alarming point of no return is reached. Who is to blame for the alarmingly slow response amongst a majority of people to integrate these four just-mentioned R’s into their lives?

The time has come to stop blaming your local or national government for not doing enough or, worse still, not doing anything at all. Fortunately, that latter scenario is hardly the case these days because if that were to be so then everyone could well and truly be doomed. The beauty of it is that where there is freedom of choice and the allowance for democratic movement, citizens of their respective nations are freely able to make their own initiating decisions. And it is nice to see that, for the time being, everyone appears to be on the same page.

The realization is collectively there. Climate change and global warming are no jokes. It is here to stay if people choose not to budge. But that’s great. They are. They’re moving in the right direction. It could have been said that slow and careful decision-making is the way to go, in the sense that good food always takes time to prepare. But really, folks, there is no time left at all. You should think seriously about the consequences of mass inaction. Not only is the environment stifled, your business is stuffed, and there may be no turning back thereafter.

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