french dining furniture

Design Tips For Your Home’s Interior

When purchasing a house, we will typically focus on the structural aspects that make the house a home.  We will look at the size of the house, the number of rooms, the general flow and then the price.  One thing that we typically don’t think about is how we will decorate the rooms.  For example, the kitchen, will we use a modern wooden table and chair set or go for more of a french dining furniture look and feel?  For those looking at these and other questions, here are some tips and suggestions that could better improve the interior design of your home.

french dining furniture


The key component to any room will be lighting.  We want to have warm and inviting lighting in our rooms.  If a room is too dark or if the light doesn’t play right, then the overall feeling and flow of the room will change.  With lighting we can easily invoke a feeling or emotion.  The best tip that I can give you is if a room just doesn’t work play with the lighting.

Paint color

Paint, wallpaper and other accents on the walls will also help to make your house a home.  If we have warm natural colors on the wall you will have one feeling compared to dark colors.  For a home you want to be cool and warm.  If you are in specific areas of the country look for native or prominent colors that you can incorporate in your rooms.


Don’t overcrowd your rooms.  As homeowners we will tend to have a lot of stuff that we try to cram into small spaces.  This cramming of items will cause the rooms to feel really small and no amount of paint or lighting can fix this.  So, make sure you pick a specific purpose for that room, place those needed items in the room and then accent till it feels inviting.

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